About WPP

Writing Tools

Pathways to Writing’s unique writing tools encourage students to think about their essays holistically—from brainstorming to scoring. And instant feedback immediately inspires students to keep practicing!


Instant Essay Scoring

Instant Essay Scoring Image

Immediate evaluation of student writing is both convenient and highly motivational. Based on over 40 years of research, the celebrated PEG scoring software used in Pathways to Writing provides instant scoring that shows the skill level of each writing sample. Unlimited practice opportunities!

Multi-Category Scoring

Multi-Category Scoring Image

In addition to providing scores on a one to five point scale for six writing categories, the custom student report also includes targeted feedback on the strengths and weaknesses in each writing category.

Editing Marks

Editing Marks Image

The system returns each student response with editing marks indicating areas needing attention. The teacher can also add his or her own editorial remarks and make comments to guide writing improvement strategies.

Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking Image

Every writing sample that a student submits is stored in a personal portfolio. At any time, the student can open and review any essays written in the past. Students also are given a personal writing tracking tool that shows writing progress over time and time spent on the tutorials.

Prewriting Exercises

Prewriting Exercises Image

Students can organize their writing using one of several graphic prewriting organizers. Organizers are recommended based on the type of writing prompt.

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