About WPP

Student Resources

Students have access to a variety of animated tutorials and writing exercises that explain and teach fundamental writing concepts geared toward improving writing skills. Pathways to Writing will even suggest relevant tutorial lessons based on the strengths and weaknesses identified in practice essays.


Animated Tutorials

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Dozens of grade-appropriate animated tutorials entertain as they teach writing skills. Aligned to the writing categories, activities are designed to improve organization, support, sentence structure, word choice, and mechanics.

Revision Passages

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Just like professional editors, students are presented with real writing passages that need improvement. Dozens of thought- provoking passages give students hours of hands-on development of editing skills at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Learning Center

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Pathways to Writing with WPP has a wealth of interactive writing activities that students can view 24/7. These include game-based skill development, editing activities, and practice scoring opportunities.  Learning to write was never this fun!

Grammar Exercises

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The fundamentals of grammar and sentence structure will always form the foundation of good writing. At a click students can find exercises to improve on specific writing analytics with hours of practice improving verb tense, agreement, pronoun usage, punctuation, and twelve other key areas.

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