Teacher Resources

Using the scoring data from Pathways to Writing with WPP enables teachers to create specific instructional lessons directly related to points that need improvement. The following teacher resources help monitor and interpret student progress to better target weaknesses.

Roster Management

Roster Management Image

Immediate evaluation of student writing is both convenient and highly motivational. Based on over 40 years of research, the celebrated PEG scoring software used in Pathways to Writing provides instant scoring that shows the skill level of each writing sample. Unlimited practice opportunities!


Portfolios Image

Teachers can select any student from a handy drop-down list and see the total history of their writing. It’s easy to view individual essays or track a student’s monthly progress in each of the six writing categories. Instant access to student progress data can guide teachers on instructional interventions.

Class Reports

Class Reports Image

Convenient tools enable teachers to sort students into demographic groups and track the progress of each demographic group feature by feature. This way, teachers will always know which students need more attention in specific writing skill areas.

Editing Tools

Editing Tools Image

Pathways to Writing provides teachers with useful editing tools. Teachers can paste electronic notes directly onto each student response and make improvement suggestions. A friendly text-messaging feature is also available to facilitate communication between teacher and student.