Registering for and purchasing Pathways to Writing with WPP online for your family is quick and easy! Accounts are good for one year.

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$45.00 per seat
Each registration is good for one course per student (at a specific grade-level). For instance, if you are purchasing one 4th Grade course for one student, you need one registration. If you have two students, two registrations. If you want to purchase 4th and 5th grade courses for one student, you need two registrations.
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About Accounts

Your purchase price includes enrollment into one course. Accounts remain active for one year from the date of the original purchase. Once you sign up for your first course and your credit card is approved, your student can immediately log in and start his or her writing practice!

Each course features instant scoring of practice tests, informative feedback, tutorials, and a portfolio to view the student’s score history and progress. A variety of interactive tutorials, complete with full sound and color, help explain and teach fundamental concepts of writing geared towards helping to improve the student’s writing.

Please review our Refund Policy. (WPP For Families) and Privacy Policy before placing your order.

Adding Courses

After registering for your first course, you can log in to your account and sign up for additional courses. You will create separate login information for each course you enroll in. This will provide each student with unique login credentials to access only the course that corresponds to his or her grade. Members of your family will use the login information you create to access their course and begin their writing practice!

Each registration is good for one course per student (at a specific grade-level).